Our aim is to provide a unique and fun learning environment using the Montessori approach to grow and develop the children and provide a caring, flexible environment.

We help develop their sense of independence

Ability to think and make decisions for themselves

To be responsible for their actions.

We also promote equality in conjunction with the nurseries policy on equal opportunity and cater for each child’s needs in a multicultural society.

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Circles introduces classroom materials and exercises that allow children to maximize possible opportunity to learn how to both look after themselves and their environment. In the practical life area you will see things such as special frames to help children learn to do up and undo clothes, lots of spooning and pouring exercises, stirring, whisking and grating trays, cutting and threading activities and many other activities that children see going on around them at home.

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When the child are ready, we begin to teach the phonetic sounds of the letters; then we move on to word building and recognition, and then book reading. We find that writing comes as part of the child’s natural desire to express his or her new knowledge and nearly always precedes reading.

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Many of the exercises in this area are indirect preparations for later mathematics and language work as they enable the child to order, classify, seriate and describe sensory impressions in relation to length, width, temperature, mass and colour.

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The materials for mathematics introduce the concept of quantity and the symbols 1 through to 10. Then, using a variety of beads and symbol cards, the child becomes familiar with the numbers as a decimal system by means including concrete experiences with the operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These operations not only teach the child to calculate, but they provide a deep understanding of how numbers function.



Young children are full of curiosity and loved exploring new things for themselves. Circles tries to find ways to help them understand the world beyond their own environments. We develop a wide range of beautiful materials that allowed the children to gain an appreciation of biology, geography, simple science and history. Each of these areas then allowed the children to explore and experiment with concepts such as metamorphosis, life cycles, land formations, the planets and time lines.

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Circles feels that it is very important for children to be allowed to express themselves freely. Circles provides many indirect activities that help children develop the necessary abilities. The Montessori environment is full of opportunities to experiment with different and exciting materials. Whether involved in painting, singing, playing instruments or dancing, children are allowed to be individuals, free to express their feelings and emotions and free to enjoy the rich worlds of movement, sound, colour and sensation.