Welcome to Circles Montessori

Circles Montessori day nurseries are located in Hertfordshire, covering Hertford, Knebworth, Welwyn and Welwyn Garden City. Our aim is to provide a unique and fun learning environment using the Montessori approach to grow and develop the children and provide a caring, flexible environment.

What age does your child have to be?

Circles have facilities to cater for children aged 9 months - 5 years. We help develop their sense of independence, ability to think and make decisions for themselves, and to be responsible for their actions. We also promote equality in conjunction with the nurseries policy on equal opportunity and cater for each child’s need in a multicultural society.

Visit Our Nurseries Website We Take Children From
Haldens 18 months
Hertford 12 months
Knebworth 18 months
Welwyn 9 months

Fresh healthy food for our children is essential!

Fresh local produce food is provided to supplement your child’s learning environment at our nurseries. The nutritional food is supplied by our own chefs and prepared fresh every day; we feel this is the best way to keep our children healthy and active for the remainder of the day.